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Cymatics - Gems Melody Bundle

Cymatics - Gems Melody Bundle


 Gems Vol. 1 - Trap Melodies 
With some of the biggest producers like Murda Beatz and Mike Will creating billboard hits one after the other, it’s clear that trap music is one of the biggest sub-genres in modern hip-hop. But when it comes to creating your own wave, it can be a little tough finding original sounding melodies for your trap beats... That’s why we put together this collection, with a vast library of 100+ different style samples for you to build off of, your beats are guaranteed to stand out! The best part is, with audio processing, pitching, and the ability to chop the samples up…...You can really create hundreds of different tracks, from one loop alone. So if you’re looking to step your sound up and create hits, the Gems Trap Collection is just what you need!

 Gems Vol. 2 – Lofi Melodies 
Gems Lofi Collection is full of vintage gold for you to take your lofi tracks to the next level! Since the first days of hip-hop analog sampling has always been the most effective method for bringing warmth and character to music… We have focused heavily on what really makes a song timeless and with this pack, you will find yourself creating music that is nothing short of special! With a library of samples that sound like they came straight from a crate dig, this collection is the perfect addition to your sound arsenal if you are looking to create timeless sounding Lofi. 

 Gems Vol. 3 – Nostalgic Melodies 
Some of the best music has the ability to give you that special feeling of nostalgia. Artists like SwuM, Mac Demarco, and Clams Casino are perfect examples of this, because the music takes you to a special place or time in your head. That special feeling is exactly what we wanted to channel with the melodies in this collection. Our Nostalgic Collection is full of so many different style loops for you to choose from in just about every key, so you won’t have any issues finding the right vibe that you’re looking for. 

 Gems Bundle Specs
  • Gems Vol. 1 – Trap Melodies 40 .WAV & .MIDI
  • Gems Vol. 2 – Lofi Melodies 40 .WAV & .MIDI
  • Gems Vol. 3 – Nostalgic Melodies 40 .WAV & .MIDI 

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