Native Instruments Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic KONTAKT Library

Native Instruments Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic KONTAKT Library

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Perform with your pick of two powerful KONTAKT instruments: A pattern-based instrument packed with 194 authentic picking and strumming patterns, and another primed for playing or programming in your own melodies. Each instrument is based on a carefully sampled 1973 Martin 00-21, played by a studio-session veteran and recorded through a mix of boutique and vintage microphones and high-end outboard gear. 

PICKED ACOUSTIC captures the rich, clear tone of a Martin 00-21 – a small-bodied, Sitka spruce–topped guitar, perfectly suited to melodic and finger-picked playing styles. Favored by Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, and many others over the years, the 00-21 has featured on countless hit records. Our model, a pristine 1973 example, was played by a seasoned session pro and sampled through three different stereo microphone setups for maximum versatility:

The Condenser (AB) mic setup uses two condenser mics for a natural, modern-sounding stereo image. Dynamic (MS) uses a vintage dynamic mic to recall the rock and folk sounds of the 70s, enhanced with a tube condenser mic in figure-of-eight mode for adjustable stereo width. And Ribbon (Blumlein) employs two ribbon mics for a rich and warm vintage sound. 

Beyond selecting your microphone setup, PICKED ACOUSTIC makes it easy to adjust the stereo width, add doubling and add high-end studio effects. And with REPLIKA delay built right in, plus all-new plate reverb, chorus, vintage compression, tape saturation, and more, you’ve got all the flexibility you need to craft the guitar sound in your head. 

Whether you’re producing a track, recording a jingle, or just laying down a demo, PICKED ACOUSTIC gets you started fast. Choose from a huge variety of picked rhythms, arpeggios, and strummed patterns in a range of styles and musical genres. Load the separate melody instrument to meld loops and melodies into one cohesive, authentic performance. Then polish your performance with vibrato, hammer-ons and pull-offs, as well as advanced playing techniques like harmonics and tremolo – each playable with fingers or plectrum in multiple positions on the neck. Add slides, fret noise, and even tweak the guitar’s tuning accuracy. 

Pair PICKED ACOUSTIC with a KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard for a fun, easy, and efficient way to access everything the instrument has to offer. With KOMPLETE KONTROL hardware, you can quickly browse patterns, tweak and preview sounds, and get at-a-glance info on key ranges and articulations with the Light Guide.

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. You can Download Native Instruments - Kontakt Full version HERE.
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