Chris Hein Orchestral Brass EXtended KONTAKT Library

Chris Hein Orchestral Brass EXtended KONTAKT Library

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Chris Hein - Orchestral Brass EXtended is an extensive orchestral brass library meeting highest expectations regarding sound quality, expression and applicability. What started out as a functional and fun brass library in its first iteration, has been taken to the next level with the EXtended Version. While the original library featured nine instruments, Chris Hein Orchestral Brass EXtended comes with twelve instruments in total. Included are all nine original instruments plus three additional instruments, six ensemble instrument patches, and two effects articulation patches. All in all, Chris Hein Orchestral Brass EXtended contains 20 GB of additional content – more than twice as much as the original library and over 43,000 new samples. 

Instruments from Orchestral Brass Complete: Three Trumpets, three Trombones, and three French Horns recorded as individual instruments and as three ensembles. Each instrument builds upon almost 8,000 single samples, 14 articulations and up to eight dynamic layers. Additional instruments in the EXtended Version: F-Tuba, Sousaphon und Euphonium: In fact, these three Low Brass Instruments have more articulations and samples than the original Brass Instruments – there are 24 articulations in total for each of the Tuba, Sousaphone and Euphonium.

  Orchestral Brass EXtended Library
  1. Trumpet Ensemble large.
  2. Trombone Ensemble large.
  3. Horns Ensemble large.
  4. Low Brass Ensemble.
  5. Full Brass Ensemble.
  6. Full Brass Ensemble without the Trumpets.
  7. KONTAKT 5.5+
Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. You can Download Native Instruments - Kontakt Full version HERE.
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  1. Twang
    Twang Member 30 October 2021 01:19
    pleeeeze pleeeeeeeze help a newbee to installing stuff like this onto Kontakt. dont have a clue what im doing !!!!! Thankyou all



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