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Iam Lamprey Achromic Guitars Kontakt Library

Iam Lamprey Achromic Guitars Kontakt Library


Achromic is a guitar library focussed on aggressive rhythm guitars for metal or hardcore productions. It specifically targets key issues often found in guitar libraries such as weak pick-attack and overly-complicated playing engines. Achromic is the answer for when you just need rhythm guitars fast and sounding great. Available as a standalone library for the NEAT Player, or as a Kontakt Library.

 Non-Repeating Round Robin:
The playback engine uses a non-repeating algorithm to split 2 samples either side in a round-robin fashion. This results in a realistic sound and removes the "machine-gun" effect.

 No Weak Picking:
In addition to regular sampling, I went in and recorded individual atonal pick attacks to layer on top of the original notes. The custom user-interface allows complete control over the volume of these additional samples for when you need aggressive picking to cut through heavy amp distortion. This same knob also controls the level of Attack applied through a Transient Shaper effect on the backend, resulting in even more pick aggression. No more weak picking!

 Simple Writing:
No keyswitches. Use low-velocity for palm mutes and high velocity for sustains. Additional articulations are mapped to the coloured FX keys (like Pick Scrapes or Dead Notes). Achromic is designed from the ground-up to be as fast as possible for writing purposes.

 Fret Noise and Release Samples:
Additional noise samples were individually recorded and have a random chance to trigger on release. The volume and decay of these sounds can be controlled with the Fret Noise Knob on the interface.

 Force Downpick:
For riffs that need to slam extra hard, the Force Downpick switch mutes the up-stroke articulations. This can be automated using any DAW's inbuilt automation.

 Pitch-Bend and FX Keys:
Bend the pitch with any MIDI controller, or use DAW automation. Achromic also includes additional FX keys like Pinch Harmonics, Pick Scrapes and Dead Notes.

 Direct Signal Only:
Achromic outputs a raw signal (DI), you'll need to provide your own sweet-sounding amps or simulations to really make the sound your own.

  • True Stereo, Non-Repeating Round Robin Algorithm.
  • Alternate Picking engine with Force Downpick setting.
  • Seperately recorded Pick Attack samples and Transient Control.
  • Realistic Fret and Release trigger samples.
  • F1-D6 Range
  • Professionally produced and processed samples
  • Additional FX keys like Scrapes, Dead Notes and Quick Slides.
  • Automatable Interface.
  • Outputs a clean DI Signal for reamping.

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