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Avid Pro Tools 2021.7.0 Full version

Avid Pro Tools 2021.7.0 Full version


Avid Pro Tools 2021 is one of the most professional Digital Audio  Workstation softwares ever made, it is used by many big music producers such as Scott Storch, Paul Epworth, Dr Dre, Timbaland. It will allow you  to record, arrange, compose, mix and master your music using cutting-edge features and capabilities that cannot be found in other  competitors’ programs. Music made in Avid Pro Tools is guaranteed to be  of top quality, it is considered to be the absolute industry-standard  audio production platform for serious musicians and other professional  audio experts such as engineers, composers, vocalists. 

Most  expensive studios around the world heavily depend on the performance and  capability of Pro Tools to make hit songs for very famous artists.  There are tons of VST and AAX plugins that can make this program even  more powerful and multi-purpose. The software will allow you to mix  multiple audio file formats at different bit depths in the same session.  This latest version is well-optimized, so it will start quick and  provide the best performance you can possibly get out of your PC. The  Clip Gain will also accelerate your editing and mixing tasks.

Control Pro Tools | Carbon mic preamps remotely. Get deeper integration with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol MIDI keyboards. Further customize the Dark and Classic UI themes for accessibility and fun with the new high contrast mode and background colors. Plus, Pro Tools will now automatically downmix when routing between different track widths, saving time and minimizing complexity. Discover all this and more in the latest version of Pro Tools.

Get Komplete Kontrol of your workflow

Move seamlessly between tracks and get instant hands-on control of a wide range of plugins with your Komplete Kontrol MIDI keyboard. Now, Komplete Kontrol will automatically sync with the selected track in your Pro Tools session. Plus, you can control many Pro Tools functions directly with Komplete Kontrol's buttons, knobs, and the 4D encoder.

Remotely control your Pro Tools | Carbon preamps

Conveniently adjust, save, and recall Pro Tools | Carbon preamp settings remotely, either from your Pro Tools session in the Edit and Mix windows or using your Avid control surface. This means you can place your Carbon interface where it makes the most sense in your studio and without the need to remember preamp settings for each session.

Gain more track routing flexibility

You can now route outputs and sends to nearly any bus, regardless of the width, eliminating the need to create sub-paths. Pro Tools will automatically downmix or map the signal. This means, for example, you can route a 5.0 track directly to a 7.1.2 bus, or easily send surround tracks to stereo effects or headphones.

Further personalize the Pro Tools UI

Pro Tools gives you unprecedented control to make the UI your own. Now, you can dial-in custom background colors and toggle on high contrast UI elements, in addition to having control over nearly every element in both Classic and Dark themes. This means you can further fine-tune the UI to meet accessibility needs or personalize your work environment for different times of day or even different moods.

Pro Tools adds support for HDX, HD Native, and AVE on M1 Macs

With the October 2021 release, you can now run Pro Tools | HDX and HD Native systems as well as the Avid Video Engine on the latest Macs that use Apple’s new M1 silicon processors.

Title: Pro Tools
Version: 2021.7.0
Developer: Avid Technology, Inc
License: Full version
Language: Multilingual
Content info: 
 Avid Pro Tools 2021.7.0 RETAIL-R2R
 Pro_Tools_2021.7.0_Win - 3.16 GB
MORE DOWNLOAD.url - 136 bytes
 R2R.nfo - 5,93 KB

  1. buoi
    № 1
    2 April 2024 22:32
    + +10 -

    not working

    № 2
    3 April 2024 23:38
    + 0 -

    how do i use the free license from avid's website? someone please explain i'm stuck.

  3. Zulu Young
    № 3
    4 April 2024 11:29
    + 0 -

    not working but its being installed

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