EastWest Voices Of Soul v1.1.1 PLAY Soundbank

EastWest Voices Of Soul v1.1.1 PLAY Soundbank

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Voices of Soul includes a collection of expressive, soulful multi-sampled vocal instruments with hundreds of expressive phrases in every key and highly realistic true legato transitions. Try layering it on your string lines with a softer setting, or even adding doubling and chorus effects to make C.C.’s voice feel omnipresent. And because we captured nearly every possible angle of her vocal performances from impassioned to calming, it’s easy to translate the most iconic qualities of her voice to almost any setting. Effortlessly switch between multiple articulations on the fly with combo instruments and build chords from airtight vocal harmonies, and use the beautiful voice of C.C. White to add soul, flare, or gentle background texture to any song.

 One Voice for Many Genres
The voice behind the library, C.C. White, has sung with many of the greatest names in the music industry. Her voice is a unique blend of funk, soul, reggae and a plethora of other inter-genre influences. Voices of Soul captures the full essence of her voice, from subtle breathiness to raw power. You also get to take advantage of tons of ad lib phrases in which C.C. completely lets loose, and the serendipity of her unscripted solos becomes an incredible arsenal of soul-drenched phrases for use in any context you can possibly imagine. The greatest advantage of having these pre-recorded vocal lines is that they’re completely authentic without the need for any MIDI past a single note--giving you all the energy of C.C.’s live performance without compromising on MIDI playback.

This instrument contains a variety of single syllable vocal instrument types, including Ah, Doo, Ee, Eh, Ha, Hm, Ho, Ho Expressive, Hoo, La, Mm, Oh, Oh Expressive, Oo, So Expressive, Wo, and Wo Expressive. Whenever you need a haunting backing palette or a wall of sound and aren’t concerned about legato or connecting notes, this is the best choice.

When you play overlapping notes, you’ll hear C.C. sing a genuine transition between them. Since these transitions are individually recorded, you’re able to achieve maximal realism and effectively have her sing all the notes you play in real time. The intervals extend up to an octave in either direction and sustain notes are automatically subbed in when there is space in between the notes. Choose this collection anytime realism and solo performance are your main objectives.

 Combo Mod
These instruments combine multiple articulations and use the Mod Wheel (MOD) or Velocity Sensitivity to switch between them. If you’re giving C.C.’s voice a workout in a varied or technically challenging passage, this collection offers you the greatest real-time flexibility without sacrificing a believable performance.

 Combo RR
Combining multiple articulations through Round Robin programming to cycle through articulations, taking all manual work out of bringing out the best possible performance. For every successive note, you’ll activate a different articulation and add an extra bit of life and variety each time.

 MOD XFade Chords
Polyphonic, single syllable vocal instruments that use the Mod Wheel (CC1) to crossfade between dynamic layers. This is the most efficient way to create vocal chords by quickly stacking C.C.’s performances together on a single track.

This is where you’ll find all of C.C.’s 600+ pre-recorded phrases that perfectly embody the soul genre. These are spread out across 12 instruments, one for each of the 12 root note positions.

Multiple articulations are loaded into a single instrument, and you can cycle through them via notes on the keyboard. This will typically be the most flexible option if you’re looking to use multiple different articulations in a single performance.

 Phrases KS FX Presets
These contain the phrases keyswitch instruments saved with a variety of FX Rack presets. The FX Rack includes the SSL Channel Strip and Bus Compressor, OhmForce Ohmicide, and EastWest EP-1 Delay, ADT, Amp Simulator and Convolution Reverb. For some added heat, character and ambience, this collection gives you the flexibility to uniquely adapt these soulful vocals to your own music.

 Pristine Recording Techniques
You can easily adjust the volume and pan of Close (Josephson 257 & Neumann U47), Rear (pair of Coles 40-38s) and Room (AKG C24) mics, giving you control over the tone color and stereo image. Layer them for a fuller, richer sound, or select the one whose quality you enjoy the most. All recordings were made at EastWest Studios, our world-famous recording studios known for producing more Grammy nominations than any other studio in the world: 121 in the last 7 years.

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the PLAY from EastWest. You can Download EastWest PLAY Full version HERE
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