Apache Native American Flute v2.1.1 Full version

Apache Native American Flute v2.1.1 Full version

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Simple & Unique World Sounds. The Apache – Native American Flute VST will help you get the ethnic feel you’re looking for! Apache is a Sampled Flute Instrument. Each Flute is from the Chippewa Natives of Central Michigan, USA. Containing 4 different Native American Flutes in total, we then get 4 totally different Tones. By blending the 4 Flute Tones together, we bring you some Unique Flute Combinations!

With Apache’s light & easy-to-use interface, you will have no problems finding a preset or creating your own sounds altogether. With streamlining your productions in mind, we kept everything, well, simple! Minimal FX allows you to use the FX you’re already familiar with (let’s face it, we all do anyway), quickly have full control over each Flute & easily browse presets!

 The interface has 3 main sections:

 Top: FX In-Depth Adjustments + Preset Browser
Here you will find all of your FX Parameters + your Preset Browser. Easily browse, adjust & tweak your sounds in this section.

 Middle: Banjo/Sampler Adjustments
This section contains the Sampler Engines for your Flute Instruments. Quickly edit your samples to create the sound you’re looking for.

 Bottom: FX Quick Adjustments
Linked to the FX with the same name in TOP Section, these are an even faster way to add FX & get an idea of your sound.

Apache is a Lightweight that hits like a Heavyweight! What we’re trying to say is it uses minimal CPU but still packs a big punch. With a quick, easy & painless install (thanks to our easy to follow Install Guide), you will be creating something fresh in no time! Let’s all try to create something new, something original, something SPECIAL. We hope Apache can help you accomplish this!
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  1. Mr puridan
    Mr puridan Guests 3 July 2022 19:12
    Please new Waves v14 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
    1. Getalink
      Getalink Administrators 3 July 2022 22:08
      Download Waves V14 Here
      1. ams
        ams Guests 5 July 2022 20:42
        waves 14 can't be installed
  2. Fju
    Fju Guests 4 July 2022 02:11
    Please reupload Albion Neo
  3. 108Dragon
    108Dragon Member 4 July 2022 13:23
    No samples in the sample folder after install.

    Any help???
  4. chua84
    chua84 Guests 4 July 2022 18:11
    Please SWAM FLUTE V3...
    This site amazing
  5. Villah
    Villah Member 5 July 2022 06:36
    Please ref nexus latest 🙏
  6. Onlyme
    Onlyme Member 15 June 2023 15:16
    jehave installed it but donsee no library please how to fix it?



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