Native Instruments Supercharger GT v1.4.4 for Windows

Native Instruments Supercharger GT v1.4.4 for Windows

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SUPERCHARGER GT delivers more than just rich tube compression. New saturation types give you three ways to turn up the heat. Use Mild, Crisp, and Slam modes to enliven tracks with anything from subtle harmonic enhancement to scorching, raw attitude. Fat, Warm, and Aggressive character modes fill in missing low end and smooth out unruly high frequencies with the turn of a single knob. 

The sound of modern tube compression taken even further with superior control, additional saturation, and sonic sculpting. 

SUPERCHARGER GT injects white-hot tube compression into anything it touches. Easily sculpt your tracks with rich, harmonically-driven sound. Loaded with additional saturation and character controls for detailed tweaking, SUPERCHARGER GT goes beyond compression to shift your inspiration into overdrive. 

SUPERCHARGER GT keeps you in the sweet spot with creative controls. Automatic make-up gain keeps you focused on the sound of the effect. Choose from popular Attack and Release settings. Dedicated response controls let you fine tune to perfection. Mid/side mode lets you carve out space in your mix. And the detector high pass prevents unruly low end signals in the sidechain from mis-triggering the compressor. 

  • Gives you the white-hot sound of tube compression 
  •  Additional saturation and character controls 
  •  Intuitive, perfectly-nuanced sound shaping 
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  1. LucianoPROD
    LucianoPROD Member 14 November 2022 23:22
    vocês podem trazer o Sonimus TuCo para o 4download?
  2. Poorand greatfull
    Poorand greatfull Guests 15 November 2022 05:29
    Can you please get Sylenth 1 thanks you are the best 
  3. Nightstone5
    Nightstone5 Member 15 November 2022 20:54
    Merci Bien :-)
  4. VB Music
    VB Music Member 27 November 2022 22:36
    Thank you works like a charm 😁👌🏾
  5. Darin costa silva
    Darin costa silva Member 5 June 2023 20:49
    Qual é a senha para descompactar ?



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