Native Instruments Pharlight KONTAKT Library

Native Instruments Pharlight KONTAKT Library

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  • Create uniquely-human textures, pads, leads, and effects through organic vocal timbres
  • Harness intensity, timing, and evolution with in-depth control over effects and modulation
  • Explore a one-of-a-kind library of samples designed and recorded specifically for PHARLIGHT’s engine

PHARLIGHT is a vocal-based granular instrument for artists, composers, musicians, and sound designers, developed by the team behind STRAYLIGHT. Its idiosyncratic sample library packs unconventional sounds designed and recorded specifically for two unique playback modules. From cinematic soundscapes and pulsating ambiences to haymaker hooks, PHARLIGHT is all about injecting incredible sound, imaginative modulation, and organic, melodic timbres into your music.

We did extensive research into distinctly-vocal sounds that work wonders with the granular engine. Invented phrases created and recorded for their special spectral diversity, curated noise samples, beatboxers, and multi-sampled choral tones provide just some of the fuel for the engine’s unique character. The result is 319 sound sources, with over 350 expertly-designed snapshots that draw the very best out of Pharlight’s engine.

PHARLIGHT is based around a specialized, easy-to-use granular engine that uses its source samples to create tones, pads, pulses, and more that are independent of time and pitch. That means a whisper or a spoken vowel can be played like a pad or keys, layered, stretched, shifted, and tuned, and that the nuances of small, short sounds can be magnified and extended to epic proportions. Tempo-synced playback means transitions, sweeps, and drops can be dialed-in right on-cue.

Grains are layered with specially-recorded multi-samples or atmospheric one-shots from PHARLIGHT’s Sample module almost exclusively using vocals. From wavetable-style synth sounds, to clean vox and chopped, textured noise, they are used to generate multi-faceted tones with huge versatility. Think low-end complements to textured pads, snappy attacks for lead-leaning patches, and unique choral sounds.

Modulation is integral to PHARLIGHT’s sound, with fast and creative ways to sculpt your sound. The X-Y pad means real-time control over the way sounds change – perfect for transitions, tension, and drops. Conjure shimmering pads and pulsating textures with the gater and delays, roughen things up with drivers, fine-tune with EQs, shape with a huge array of filters, and explore uncharted sonic territory with a chorus, flanger, and phaser taken from MOD PACK.

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. You can Download Native Instruments - Kontakt Full version HERE.
Comments (14)
  1. jonk
    jonk Member 15 January 2023 04:26
    does not work on Mac M1 (Kontakt 7). Says that the library wasn't installed properly
  2. Benko
    Benko Member 16 January 2023 05:57
    jonk - use the "Kontakt_Library_Scripts" to add the library. I have a similar configuration and this worked for me.
  3. psyk
    psyk Member 23 January 2023 19:10
    what is the winrar password
  4. ayush980
    ayush980 Member 30 January 2023 00:42
    hey man can anyone give me the link of kick start by nicky romero 
    1. NfBeat237
      NfBeat237 Member 21 June 2023 03:02
      here i have it in my pc contact me on whatsapp +237653089410
  5. Jhen
    Jhen Member 1 February 2023 18:25
    Please upload native instruments choir omnia 
  6. trophywithtea
    trophywithtea Member 5 February 2023 17:32
    can you please upload v synthesizer pro please with the voice banks as well????????

    can you please upload v synthesizer pro with the voice banks as well ????
  7. REDx
    REDx Member 8 February 2023 14:47
     nicnt file is missing
  8. Invo2k22
    Invo2k22 Member 11 February 2023 07:37
    Anyone has an Idea of how to install this Library in Kontakt 6 on Win10 ??

    Kontakt always says, Lib not installed properly if i try to add the .nki File
  9. storiesofcraig
    storiesofcraig Member 26 February 2023 02:02
    Encountered an issue and managed to fix, so I figured I would pass it along.
    I've been using Ableton Live on mac, and had been successfully adding kontakt libraries using kontakt 5, then playing them in kontakt 7. I recently upgraded Ableton to the newer update that makes it work Native on M1 chips, and performance definitely improved however yesterday I noticed I could no longer add libraries in Kontakt 5, it would just say "No Library Found" every time. 
    The workaround was to right click on ableton in applications folder, hit "open with rosetta", then open ableton. Once it opened that way I was again able to add the libraries using Kontakt 5. Once the library is added you can de-select the "open with Rosetta" so you again have the better performance of running native. Hope this helps if anyone gets hung up like I was.
  10. fhaya-112
    fhaya-112 Member 24 March 2023 04:55
    @ 4:45 how or what did he use to get the drums that crisp and punchy someone please HELP

  11. Ahmed 8
    Ahmed 8 Member 1 May 2023 12:27

    Anyone whos having problems isntalling this library..

    Open Kontakt in ur daw

    Go to manage libraries 

    Click on launch library tool below

    Select the pharlight location

    and restart kontakt to use

  12. iCantLetYouGetClose
    iCantLetYouGetClose Member 1 December 2023 20:11

    Working on Mac... To anyone wondering you need a patched version of Kontakt 7.7 (HCiSO version has everything) and then you'll need to run some separate scripts to install the library, then Kontact Library Utilities to manage your libraries and add the wallpaper to be seen in Rack view. I own Kontakt 7 already and installing the patch on top of it worked fine for me on Big Sur.

  13. PROITSolutions
    PROITSolutions Member 8 February 2024 09:32
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