Digital Pro Sounds Virtual Realm for MacOS

Digital Pro Sounds Virtual Realm for MacOS

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Virtual Realms main goal has been to supply you with sounds that will ignite fresh and interesting new ideas in your music productions much faster! We went out our way and made sure when designing the sounds that each sound included was unique with its own quirks and characteristics and that each sound included wouldn’t be the typical sounds you hear in most plugins and VST’s.

We made sure that we didn’t fill Virtual Realm with pointless sounds just to broaden the sound library, but rather with sounds that are actually all useable in their own unique ways.

Virtual Realms Built-in effects include Attack, Release, LFO Depth, LFO rate, Reverb, Glide, Cut off, and Pan. These effects give you the ability to completely tweak and customize your sounds to your liking. If you want never heard and unique Bells, Brass, Leads, Pads, Pianos, Strings etc that will make you stand out, then this VST is for you.
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  1. yoyoyoo
    yoyoyoo Member 5 May 2023 14:00
    Hey Admin, is it possible to get sonokinetic Fantasy?



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