Steinberg HALion v7.0.0 for Windows

Steinberg HALion v7.0.0 for Windows

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HALion gives you everything you need to create all the sounds you have ever imagined — and many you have never thought of. With six different forms of synthesis, a high-performance sample engine, scripting, a groundbreaking time-stretch and resynthesis algorithm, plus fast and easy assignable modulations, HALion delivers new inspiration every time you open it.

HALion is the most comprehensive virtual sampling and sound design system available today and excels the present creative process for producers and sound designers in all areas. It covers the complete creative workflow from recording and sample editing to programming advanced synthesis and modulation setups. With HALion, create customized user interfaces and export ready-to-release instrument libraries with every step streamlined to the greatest extent.

  • State-of-the-art sampler and sound creation system
  • Advanced library creation tools
  • Powerful multi-timbral audio engine
  • AudioWarp for time-stretching and pitch-shifting
  • FlexPhraser module drives beats, arpeggios and tonal phrases
  • 3,400 synthesized sounds and authentic acoustic instruments
  • Flexible user interface with multi-monitor support
  • Wide range of high-end audio effects
  • Up to 192 kHz, 32 stereo outputs
Comments (17)
  1. lostboy
    lostboy Member 18 February 2023 16:57
    Did it work for anyone? 
    1. Nightstone5
      Nightstone5 Member 22 February 2023 13:06
      It worked for me, however on Stand-Alone Mode only; my DAW only accepts VST2 format and it wasn't made available during installation.
  2. Mad4Muzic
    Mad4Muzic Member 19 February 2023 05:03
    Thanks!! Can we get other libraries?
  3. kimchirealgood
    kimchirealgood Member 19 February 2023 07:45
    Administrator, could you also add fl studio 21?
  4. Liselotte
    Liselotte Member 19 February 2023 20:26
    Even if I apply a patch and start it, it says "License not found" and I can not use it. (both stand-alone and plug-in)
    What should I do to make it work?
    Please teach me...

    1. Getalink
      Getalink Administrators 19 February 2023 21:17
      1. Install Steinberg Library Manager 3.2.20.exe
      2. Install Steinberg Activation Manager 1.4.20.exe
      3. Install HALion 7
      4. Download Content for HALion 7
      5. Install MediaBay 1.0.10
      6. Install Activation Manager Unlocker b4.exe

      1. Liselotte
        Liselotte Member 19 February 2023 22:56
        Thank you for your reply.

        Yes i did that exactly.
        I have followed the installation instructions.
        I also turned off the antivirus.
        I also confirmed that another library (Steinberg FM Lab Content for HALion) was added and authenticated in the library manager.
        I also ran the b4 patch and got it done.
        However, when I start HALion, it stops working after a few seconds with the message "License not found. Check with Activation Manager."
        Even if I start Activation Manager, I get an error saying "Network error. Please try again." (If you haven't applied the b4 patch, you will be connected to the official server and asked to log in to your account.)

        By the way, I did not change the installation destination folder at all, and installed everything as default.
        The user name of Windows10 x64 22H2 that I am using and the path to the installation folder do not have 2-byte characters.
        I've tried installing, uninstalling, and patching several times, but I still get the "License not found" error when I start HALion. (whether it's standalone or loaded as a plug-in in my DAW.)
        I have no idea what is causing this...
  5. ezdubzplaya
    ezdubzplaya Member 20 February 2023 01:22
    That was really fast!
  6. hamperoni4
    hamperoni4 Member 20 February 2023 08:48
    Hi, can you add realeight and amplitube?
  7. Soulsoft
    Soulsoft Member 20 February 2023 17:15
    I do the same as Liselotte, and than i go to my downloaded content map .
    Open the content map and click with the right mouse on one preset and open it with Steinbergh library manager.
    Now the manager is scan the files and everything is working.
    Hope this helps.
    1. Liselotte
      Liselotte Member 20 February 2023 19:27
      Thank you GODs! Yay, the boot was successful!
      Here is the problem!

      1. Install Steinberg Library Manager 3.2.20.exe
      2. Install Steinberg Activation Manager 1.4.20.exe
      3. Install HALion 7
      4. Download Content for HALion 7 . Extract the files to a folder from the ISO image and check in the libraries by running any file from the folder.
      5. Install MediaBay 1.0.10
      6. Install Activation Manager Unlocker b4.exe

      6.2 Run Library Manager.
          You should see a list of certified content there,
          and DO NOT CLOSE it!
      6.3 Run HALion7. 
          (Next time run HALion7, it doesn't matter if the Library Manager isn't open.)

      I hope this validation helps someone.
      1. Uchte
        Uchte Member 29 January 2024 21:21
        Thank you very much!
  8. husko4154
    husko4154 Member 20 February 2023 19:24
    Strymon BigSky Vst and moogerfooger Vst Please..!! 
  9. ikandiam
    ikandiam Member 22 February 2023 01:40
    How to instal in fl studio sir
    Video tutorial?
  10. Thisgoeseupto11
    Thisgoeseupto11 Member 23 February 2023 18:48
    What if you already have a legit copy of Cubase 12 pro will this work?
  11. dolimong
    dolimong Member 8 March 2023 22:54
    An error occurs when only the studio string is selected. What should I do?
  12. ifle1
    ifle1 Member 27 June 2023 18:37
    Hi! I dont quite understand how I get the libraries in. I downloaded Halion Symphonic Orchestra. What should I do with the folder, do I need to drag it somewhere, if so, where?



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