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Cymatics - Jack You Drums Vol 1

Cymatics - Jack You Drums Vol 1


In early 2015, dance music saw a revolution… 

Two of the world’s best producers came together to create a project that would complete shape the scope of the dance music scene. With several songs charting on the Billboard Top 100, this project fused popular music with crazy, never-before-heard sounds. 

If you’re thinking “Jack U,” you’re right! 

The star studded project consisting of Skrillex and Diplo was one for the ages, and their debut album had some of the craziest sounds we’ve ever heard! Since we were such huge fans, we spent months dissecting the album – breaking down everything from their writing, to the drums…which led us to a stark conclusion. 

Their drums were INSANE! 

Noticing this, we saw that no one else was putting out drums like Jack U’s. 

Once we set our goal to make one of the best drum packs we’ve ever made, we worked tirelessly to create the most unique and creative drum pack ever before – and we made absolutely sure that they word work in every setting and genre! If you want some of the best and most unique drums we’ve ever released, download Jack You Drums now! 

Included in this pack: 

  • 100 Kicks & Snares 
  • 100 Percussion 
  • 100 Claps & Hi-hats 
  • 25 Risers


  • Format: .WAV
  • File Count: 325 Samples

Download Cymatics - Jack You Drums Vol 1

 Title: Jack You Drums Vol 1

 Developer: Cymatics

 Format: WAV

 View: Screenshot

 Download: GDrive1 | GDrive2 | GDrive3

 File Size: 158 MB

 RAR Password: www.4download.net

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