Cymatics KEYS Instrument v1.0.0 Full version

Cymatics KEYS Instrument v1.0.0 Full version

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We wanted to make a plugin that has all the sounds from our favorite key instruments we use for Cymatics samples. Our goal was NO filler sounds - we only included sounds that we personally would want to use every day. 100+ presets of pure gold! There is an advanced section where you can completely customize your sounds with reverb, fx, resampling, half speed, reverse, filters, and other powerful sound design tools for making your own sounds from scratch.

 100+ inspiring presets - no filler sounds
Cymatics has been known for some of the best presets in the music industry for years, and KEYS is no different. We included tons of go-to presets for every style of music. The preset categories are Classics, Piano, E-Piano, Lofi, Reverse, Synth, World, and more! Just to name a few, you can expect to hear sounds like:
  • Classic Rhodes and Wurly e-pianos
  • Beautiful live recorded grand pianos
  • Vintage synthesizers
  • Unique instruments like kalimbas & log drums
We also plan on releasing KEYS preset expansions for free in the future.

 Powerful sound design capabilities
  • KEYS isn’t just another basic sampler - we included an advanced section where you can completely customize your sounds with reverb, fx, resampling, half speed, reverse, filters, and other powerful sound design tools for making your own sounds from scratch.
  • The included FX are modeled after vintage hardware, including chorus, reverb, pitch movement, tremolo, and more.
  • We also built the resampler and other features from Origin into KEYS for when you want to get that vintage / lofi sound.

 Hear KEYS in action
Every demo loop was made exclusively with KEYS - no post FX or processing

 How were the soundsources created?
We recorded every sound from scratch - Pianos, Rhodes, vintage synths, and other collected world instruments. Every sound was recorded with multiple velocity layers to recreate the experience of using these instruments in real life. To go a step further, we layered instruments together to create unique, never heard before heard sounds.
Comments (21)
  1. bullDANG
    bullDANG Guests 13 November 2021 21:45
    Hi I have followed all the steps and activated the plugin as instructed, and changed presets many times but im not getting any audio. Please help? Many thanks
  2. Marko58
    Marko58 Guests 14 November 2021 23:36
    The plugin is activated but no sound comes out .... help!
    SEDATED Member 17 November 2021 13:19
    It downloaded and has no audio, anyone knows how to fix it?

    I found a fix for the no audio, you have to take the files out of the source folders and copy and paste them into the new folder, message me if you need me to go more in-depth.
    1. Marko58
      Marko58 Guests 17 November 2021 17:44
      Hi Sedate ... can you explain the procedure better? Thanks Marco.
      1. SEDATED
        SEDATED Member 18 November 2021 06:34
        When you first extract your sources folders, the files you need are in the folder, and in another folder, you want to open all the source folders and copy what's in them into the new source folders in the actual Cymatics Keys folder. so it should look like this:
        Windows(c:)/ProgramData/Cymatics/Cymatics Keys/Presets/Sources:
        E Piano - Basement tiles
        E Piano - Pocket Rhodes
        E Piano - Rhodes 73
        E Piano - Suitcase

        Not like this:
        Windows(c:)/ProgramData/Cymatics/Cymatics Keys/Presets/Sources:
        Sources 1
        Sources 2
        Sources 3
        1. Marko58
          Marko58 Guests 19 November 2021 18:08
          Thanks SEDATED ... unfortunately I can't get it to work. Not even the notes I play on the keyboard appear on the screen ... Is it possible a compatibility problem with OS ...? Thanks anyway.
          1. jksuave360
            jksuave360 Member 14 November 2022 13:08
            inputs...1  in..3 out
        2. bullDANG
          bullDANG Guests 21 November 2021 14:08
          Thank you! This solved the problem
        3. uwuboi
          uwuboi Member 24 December 2021 19:04
          i confirmed this works thanks SEDATED
        4. Ahmed 8
          Ahmed 8 Member 29 July 2023 10:10
          do i have to create a sources folder to paste all of them or paste them in factory or user ?

          do i have to create a sources folder to paste all of them or paste them in factory or user ?
  4. Akho
    Akho Member 18 November 2021 00:29
    Hi, i have followed all steps too but still no audio comes out, can someone explain it how i can fix that audio problem, someone who knows better please  explain to me ? 
  5. sithupool123
    sithupool123 Guests 26 January 2022 23:58
    I've The Problems with the firewalls how can i fix that can someone guide me

  6. sithupool123
    sithupool123 Guests 28 January 2022 00:46
    i followed all the steps accurately but activation kinda seems to be problematic
    anyone help me
  7. Dope JB
    Dope JB Guests 6 February 2022 20:39
    Please can someone help I activated the plugin already but it doesn't make any sound thanks!🙏
  8. roronoazr
    roronoazr Guests 27 February 2022 00:06
    Friends, first of all, I'm sorry, I used a direct translate because my English is bad. I followed the steps completely, but there was no sound, I changed the preset from the factory section in the options on the top right and it was fixed, it may take a little longer to load, I recommend you to wait for a minute or two, I hope it will work for you.
    By the way, don't forget to do the resources part as SEDATED user showed, it is also in the comments.

  9. NoNamed_Beatz
    NoNamed_Beatz Member 1 July 2022 23:47
    where can a find that activation code?

  10. amali838
    amali838 Member 5 July 2022 10:40
    Unable to download this or move files anywhere besides C: drive.
  11. D-mac
    D-mac Member 10 November 2022 06:52
    Plug-in is activated but I ain't got no playback sound coming from the Plug-in 
  12. Ahmed 8
    Ahmed 8 Member 29 July 2023 10:03

    do sources have to be in C ? dont have 10GB space there :D

  13. marleygoodfellow
    marleygoodfellow Member 19 August 2023 15:12

    How do I find the activation code?

  14. mrplug1
    mrplug1 Member 4 January 2024 17:47

    This plugin does work, It just takes extremely long for the instrument sound to load, when switching to a new preset you'll notice it still buffering but once it stops the sound will play.




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